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Sound Bath Meditation 
Mindful Wellness Coaching 

Unlocking Mindfulness: Embrace Peace, Restore Balance, Elevate Life.

Lawanda Monique 

Greetings, I'm Lawanda Monique, a versatile holistic practitioner based in Boston, MA, and the proud founder of Pharaoh Essentials. My expertise encompasses sound bath healing, wellness coaching, reiki energy healing, guided meditation, and mindfulness education. Alongside my one-on-one sessions, I actively organize wellness workshops and events, where I collaborate with fellow holistic healers both locally and globally. My focus primarily embraces the POC and BIPOC community, although I derive immense joy from nurturing individuals on their unique paths toward healing.

My purpose revolves around presenting mindfulness techniques that foster real-time awareness of thoughts, emotions, vibrations, and surroundings. I offer these approaches with a gentle, nurturing approach that dismantles stress and restores serenity, self-reliance, and an elevated quality of life.

Driven by my passion to serve, I aspire to be the guiding light for those traversing the transformative journey of healing, success, and unity, until they can seamlessly embrace these roles within themselves.


My unwavering belief in vibrational healing stems from personal experience, acknowledging the profound impact it can have on those grappling with depression, disconnection, and disharmony. My mission centers on empowering individuals by nurturing self-awareness, resilience, self-validation, and self-love, ultimately fostering wholeness and well-being in mind, body, and spirit.


My affinity for cultivating nurturing energies and safe spaces creates an ambiance of ultimate self-care and abundance. With extensive experience as a traveling practitioner, I've had the privilege to work with countless individuals across various walks of life, both in person and energetically, touching the lives of thousands around the world.

Contact Me

Pharaoh Essentials 

Medford Ma, 02155 US 

Tel: 617-249-3217


I highly value your trust and confidence in my site and services and want to assure you that your personal information is kept completely confidential by me.

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