Pharaoh Essentials Sound Baths 

Sound Healing is a practice that uses vibrational frequency to align your body and mind that dates back thousands of years to ancient Egyptians and other domains when music was used in an attempt to cure mental disorders and chronic pain.

Also known as Sound Baths, Sound Healing has been known to relieve anxiety and stress, clear the subconscious, promote better sleep, reduce aches and pain, and bring complete relaxation thus calming the mind, and activating your body's natural healing systems. Sound healing is non-invasive and gentle for those who participate.

Pharaoh Essentials offers these

transformative, heart-opening, empowering experiences to help participants:

  •  calm the mind, release stress, and feel deeply relaxed;

  • acquire the ability to use and develop self-healing tools through breathwork;

  • create healthy routines with themselves;

  • increase conscious awareness;

  • build community

  • one on one Private Session

    150 US dollars
  • Sessions ideal for groups of 2 to 6 people

    300 US dollars
  • Sessions ideal for groups of 7 to 10 people

    500 US dollars
  • Ideal for groups of 11 to 20 people.

    700 US dollars