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Pharaoh Essentials

Lawanda Monique is a multi-disciplinary healer located in Boston, MA, and the owner of Pharaoh Essentials. She is disciplined in indigenous medicine and specializes in sound bath healing, reiki energy healing, art theraphy, guided meditation, and mindfulness education. When she's not seeing clients in her private practice, she enjoys connecting and collaborating with other healers worldwide at different workshops and events. Much of LaWanda's focus is on the BIPOC and POC community, but she thoroughly enjoys nurturing everyone on their healing journey.  


LaWanda will tell you that her passion to be of service to others drives her, as she aspires to be the mind, heart, and spiritual guide for those on the transitional path of healing, success, and oneness until they can fulfill those roles within themselves. She strongly believes in vibrational healing because she knows firsthand the tremendous impact it can have on those struggling with depression, disconnection, and misalignment. Her mission is to support those individuals by giving life to self-awareness, strength,  self-validation, and self-love. And to help others become whole, happy, and healthy—mind, body, and spirit. 


Pharaoh Essentials is a jewel inspired by LaWanda's personal journey of loss and rediscovery and strengthened by her journey of deep introspection and spiritual work. After years of battling childhood trauma and losing her grandmother and mother within the same year, she learned firsthand that healing and aligning could be challenging, lonely, and downright scary.


LaWanda's mission is to provide assistance and support that brings forth personal development, strength, self-awareness, and self-validation in others that struggle as she once did. Her alternative healing practice offers remedial services for the mind, body, and spirit through diverse therapeutic channels.  


Services Offered


1. Sound Bath Therapy


Sound bath therapy is an age-old practice where the practitioner emits spiritually cleansing sound waves through the use of singing bowls and other instruments. Clients relax into a meditative state during this process, where they are more susceptible to feelings of harmony, well-being, and expanded awareness.


2. Reiki Energy Healing


Reiki is 'life-force energy—a non-physical vitality that gives life to all living things. Seven primary energy centers in the body guide the flow of this universal life force called chakras. Each chakra is associated with different areas of the body; when they are blocked or clogged, the body becomes sick, and the energy flow weakens. Reiki treatments help to reopen the chakras and re-balance the flow of the universal life force around the body. 


3. Meditation and Mindfulness Training 


Meditation and mindfulness go hand-in-hand as both use sub-conscious cues to overcome conscious blocks. Meditation is an intentional practice where you use focus to increase calmness, concentration, awareness, emotional balance, and physical manifestations. Mindfulness is paying attention, noticing, and being present in whatever you do, which is often easier said than done. Both can be difficult to do independently, depending on the intensity of the blocks.  

4. Art therapy

For centuries, humans have used artistic expression as a means of sharing stories and
documenting events. The origins of art therapy as formal healing practice go back to
mid-2oth century Europe. Art therapy is a side-effect free approach to psychological
healing that has been proven to improve functioning in certain parts of the brain that
may be linked to resilience and recovery. As an artist and culture bearer, LaWanda
provides art therapy workshops to support clients to relieve stress, increase self-esteem
and awareness, and facilitate recovery.

LaWanda guides others to counterbalance high-stress situations by helping develop a state of mindfulness that reduces depression and anxiety and increases focus and concentration. Her work at Pharaoh Essentials allows her to impart wisdom and peace to people in a natural and non-evasive way, strengthening their coping capabilities and bringing focus and balance back into their lives.

And although she's a certified practitioner,  most of her services are deeply influenced by her intuition. Many years of fine-tuning as a spiritual empath have guided LaWanda toward her current calling. She enjoys helping others handle stress better, build self-confidence, make positive life changes, and discover their true purpose.

Pharaoh Essentials invites everyone to come and be uplifted and find peace and love within.

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